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Bright Robin Maths

From mental arithmetic to calculus, Bright Robin Maths covers all

Bright Robin advanced technology and proven learning methods makes Maths learning an engaging and fruitful experience. Thousands of children have improved their Maths tremendously with Bright Robin. It's time for your children to enjoy the benefits now!

Bright Robin BM

Mastering a language has never been this easy

Bright Robin's brand new LanguangeBoosttm language learning method will make Bahasa Malaysia learning a less painful experience. Through the program, children will be able to improve their understanding, speaking and writting skills greatly in the shortest time possible!

About Us

How We Start

Bright Robin was founded in 2009 by John Lim, a multi award-winning software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in developing education technologies and a strong passion in maths and language learning. Together with his team of experts from Malaysia and USA, Bright Robin system and learning contents has been developed successfully and the first centre was opened in 2012.

Adaptive Learning

Unlike other traditional learning programs, Bright Robin Adaptive Learning integrates the best of traditional learning methods and the latest learning technologies tightly to create a powerful system that can analyse learning progress of every single student and assist tutors to plan the best learning path for each learner. With Bright Robin, learning will be a fun and rewarding experience!

A learning programme is only as good as the child’s desire to use it and learn from it

Asking children to study is one of the biggest challenge of parents nowadays. Forcing a child’s attention span on repetitious paper worksheets is a dificult task, and is usually counter-productive to the child’s learning ability if the child feels bored by the exercises being presented. Bright Robin understands this problem fully, which is why Bright Robin’s main objective is to make children self-motivated to learn.

Effective learning methods enabled by technology

Bright Robin continuously invests heavily in developing it’s own technologies to create the most effective, exciting and rewarding learning experience for students. It is proven that Bright Robin students can achieve 5x learning result when compared to the traditional ways of learning.

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